Coloring Paint

Sidewalk Chalk
bullet3/4 cup warm water
bulletToilet tissue tubes
bullet1-1/2 cups Plaster of Paris
bullet2-3 tablespoons Powdered Tempra Paints
bulletDuct Tape
bulletWax paper
bulletContainer for Mixing


Cover one end of tissue tube with duct tape. Place a loosely rolled piece of wax paper into the tube to create a liner to keep the plaster from sticking to the tube.

Pour water into mixing container, then sprinkle plaster a little at at time into the water until plaster no longer dissolves (approx. 1-1/2 cups). Stir thoroughly. Mix in 2-3 tbsp. tempra paint.

Place tubes sealed end down on a flat surface. Pour plaster mix in. Tap side of tube to release aid bubbles. Let dry 1-2 days, pull off mold and have fun drawing!

Be sure to rinse container and spoon outside or in a container of water to avoid clogging indoor sink drains.

Washable Window Paint
bulletTempera Paints (powered or premixed)
bulletClear Dishwashing Liquid

Mix powdered paint with dish soap until they resemble house paint. Or mix just a little dish soap into premixed paints. Line the window sash with masking tape and be sure to spread newspaper around to protect the area. To erase paint or touch up mistakes, just wipe paint away with a dry paper towel.

Sand Coloring
bulletFine Sand
bulletFood Coloring
bulletPaper Cups
bulletPlastic Spoons
bulletPaper Towels
Fill paper cups half full of sand. Next, add water to cups to completely cover sand. Add food coloring to get the desired color. Stir with plastic spoon and let set for 15 minutes. Pour off water, spoon sand onto paper towels and spread the sand out to dry.


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