Bones II

The rules for playing Bones II are simple:
  • You hide 15 bones in your backyard. (The squares turn light green when a bone has been hidden.
  • Next, you hide 5 old fish in your backyard. (The squares turn red.)
  • When the "moves" indicator turns green, it is your move. When it is red, it is Butch's move.
  • Click on the squares in Butch's backyard to find the bones he has hidden there. If you find a bone, watch the meter to see how many extra moves you get. The 'Moves' indicator shows the total number of moves you have. If you find a fish, it is Butch's turn and the meter shows how many moves you lose.
  • If you find all the bones Butch has hidden before he finds all of yours, you win.

If, because you left this page or scrolled, the game becomes corrupted, please press the "new game" button.

Note: This program will download some pictures which will take a few extra seconds, so please be patient! If you turn the sound off (checkbox), the game will be faster but it won't be as much fun!

Good luck!

This applet is provided by McKendrick


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